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Hear Samples Now : These are samples of our newest Non Exclusive beats, available for sale as Exclusives.

Welcome to our Exclusive Beats page. Here at Mo4Beats, we try to tailor the needs of all our customers. There has been a flood of new clients who are only interested in exclusive beats for sale, and a lot of artists have been curious as to how to buy one here.

If you are an artist or customer interested in exclusive hip hop beats for sale or exclusive r & b beats for sale, simply click on the "Select options" link and choose the option "Exclusive Rights". Exclusive beats are on sale this summer for a special low price of only $150, this price is for the exclusive rights and it will be added to the price of the selected beat. For information on how to buy exclusive beats, visit our FAQ's page.

Right now we have beats with Exclusive contracts, available as low as $120 for serious artist.

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** Buying Custom Beats

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Our company realizes that each artist is different, has a unique style, and may want a beat customized to fit them. If you're interested in buying custom beats, and what something more personalized, we offer that service as well.

Custom hip hop beats and custom r & b beats is what most of our clients request, but we offer a variety of style custom made beats, including massage music, workout beats /music, movie soundtracks, beats for poetry, music for webpages, beats and music for commercials, etc.

If you would like your buy a custom beat, please go to our Price Quote section and write "custom beat" as the type of service needed. Also be as descriptive as possible, we take our custom beats very seriously, so give us helpful information ( Ex: tempo, style, genre, name of a beat / song similar, etc.)

The pricing for our custom beats starts at $150. This price includes at standard of 10 hrs (total) of our producers quality time, used toward making the best beat / instrumental that we can for you. As of right now, due to the number of requests, the average turn around time for receiving a custom beat is 5 days.

Here at Mo4Beats you can be assured that the beat you purchase will be of high quality, and of your satisfaction. We consider ourselves the best, when it comes to making custom beats.

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*Any beat here on our website can be purchased as an Exclusive Beat, and once purchased, it will marked as "Sold", and it won't be Resold again.   


*Custom beats are made upon order. Click here for a Price Quote.


A Price Quote form must be completed to buy either a Custom Beat or an Exclusive Beat .

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